A downloadable game for Windows

Because time was short to put together all I wanted to say in this "game" here it is the main concept:

The theme was "Diversity". The goal here was to put together few poems from different cultures and try to make a 3D world out of them. So, beneath the fact we are all different and speak different languages, we are all humans sharing the same planet and can find creative ways to communicate through litterature, art, programming, etc. The secondary concept is the way the player moves to the huge human heart at the center of the world. It represents the creative process - It starts at the home/mind. You are alone with your thoughts and doubts. "I am nothing" is maybe the first thought of the creative process. Then you realise you have within you "all dreams of the world" and you jump over the window to the world, expressing yourself. Then you came back to your heart where the codes that make you a person will be processed with the new experience from what you created and that is the center of the world - the human heart - for the better and for the worst.

Huge thanks to Martin Schmalzried for making the music! It matches and melts perfectly with the environment.

Install instructions

Just download, open zip and play exe.

The right window opens by clicking at it's bottom.

You have to run in order to jump over the window


Arrow keys

Space - jump

Right click - zoom

Left click - activate doors and the last poem.


I am nothing...but.zip 458 MB